Resist (Quest)

A dystopian future. An authoritarian regime. A tale of violence, intrigue, and hope. Swing from towering skyscrapers and battle deadly enemies as you fight to free your city from the evil that consumes it. Will you bow to the forces of oppression? Or will you have the strength to Resist?

Resist is a single-player action RPG designed exclusively for Quest. With a kinetic swinging system, intense combat, and a fully immersive story, Resist is the VR experience you’ve been waiting for.

Open world: explore the city of Concord and uncover its secrets
Rich story campaign: follow Sam Finch as she fights to free herself and her city
Dozens of side quests: Pillage data facilities, fight enemy hordes, and learn more about the colorful characters of the Resistance
Tactile puzzles: hack billboards and win the public to your side
Deep skill tree: level up and enhance your core abilities
Online leaderboards: compete in skill challenges and prove your swing prowess to the world


The Binary Mill


The Binary Mill