Gamerz Lab (Quest) (APP LAB)

Gamerz Lab is a multi-activity, sci-fi themed playground designed to give the users a holistic gaming experience like never before.

There are two separate zones. The Game Zone offers a virtual game booth featuring a wave based shooting game. Over time more and more game booths will be added, each with exciting new games. With every new game Gamerz Lab will become a completely new experience to explore!

Whenever you want to take a break from Game Zone you can move over to the Relax Zone and chill out. With amazing visuals and micro-activity corners like boxing corner and many more to come with every update will make the Gamerz Lab an unforgettable gaming experience for gamers.
Relax in the lobby or use the boxing corner to release your inner Mike Tyson.
Game booths offering different experiences (Shooters etc)
Breathtaking visuals and amazing gameplay.


Dreamerz Lab Ltd


Dreamerz Lab Ltd