Star Witch (PC)

The tutorial begins on earth where you play as a scientist who is building a machine for teleportation. Something goes wrong and the player gets sent to another planet where fantasy and magic are real. During this first level, the player gets used to the controls, and learns the basics of the game.

In Normal game mode the player explores an alien planet, and can go anywhere and complete quests in any order, but they must find 3 Orbs hidden on an island in order to assault the witch at the castle. Not only manage your health, but also your calories! Burn more calories running uphill based on angle or doing things like jumping. Hunt and scavenge for food, then eat it to stay alive! Stab the bad guys with weapons like swords, knives, and spears, or shoot them using guns. Search for magic items. Become a powerful hero who is the only one, who can save the land from the evil witch who came from the stars.

Plus mode is harder. Enemies do not damage each other.

Hardcore mode is extreme. Any amount of damage will kill the player and end the game.


Frozen Dungeon


Frozen Dungeon



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Octubre 29, 2021

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