Ajax All Powerful (Quest) (APP LAB)

Ajax (Henry Winkler) is a foul-mouthed, double-crossing genie addicted to the human souls he collects in exchange for granting wishes to gullible humans. However, something is different about the seemingly-naive little girl who has rubbed his lamp this time. For one thing, she’s hired a strait-laced lawyer (Chris Parnell) to negotiate her wishes, and they might have a trick or two buried in the new contract’s legalese….

AJAX ALL POWERFUL is an innovative VR comedy utilizing behind-the-scenes interactive triggers to create a fluid world of changing sizes and perspectives as the story progresses from the lamp to the real world, and beyond. Starring comedy legends Henry Winkler (HAPPY DAYS, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, BARRY) and Chris Parnell (RICK AND MORTY, SNL) and written and directed by award-winning VR creator Ethan Shaftel (KAIJU CONFIDENTIAL, EXTRAVAGANZA).

2020 Official Selection at Tribeca Film Festival, Annecy Animation Festival, and the Venice International Film Festival.







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