Nature Treks: Together (PC)

Nature Treks: Together is a place just for you or a place to connect with others using a combination of shape, color, and sound. Intuitively transition deeper to rediscover the benefits of expression, the value of emotion, and escape into a powerful sensory experience.

A single and multiplayer experience

Immerse yourself into a world of peace, calm, and relaxation. Explore beautiful and detailed environments, alive with the relaxing sounds of nature. Re-energize yourself on untouched beaches or seamlessly dive into the cool clear waters. Select either single player or multiplayer mode to join up to 16 people.

Painting instruments

Activating "thought mode" will give you access to a 'paint palette'. Using your index finger you are free to draw anything you imagine. Each line you draw also becomes a unique instrument based on the line color, width, and length of each stroke.

The creator and emotion halos

Summon the creator halo to create and shape your environment. Throw the creator orbs to grow trees, bushes, flowers, and rocks. Alternatively switch to the emotion halo and express yourself using the emotion orbs. Envelop yourself and others in warm auras of joyful color, manifest your own personal rain cloud, or create awe-inspiring galaxies.

Fire side chat

Nature Treks: Together is a place where users can rediscover the fundamentals of communication. When night comes proximity-based voice chat is enabled around campfires. Gather and add wood to the fire, the bigger the fire the greater the distance voice chat is active.


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Octubre 27, 2021

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