Dancing Beat on Video (Quest) (APP LAB)

Dancing Beat on Video is a rhythm game base on your favorite YouTube music videos
How to play:
You can copy URL or ID of your favorite YouTube video (from a browser) and paste it in the game. Or just select a video in the list of trending videos in your selected location. The game will analyze and generate series of notes based on beats of the song.
Dance and hit notes to get score and finish the video to win. Missing too many notes will lead to fail.
You have to hit the note with a moving controller. Touching the note in too low speed will miss the note.
The video will play online so it requires a high speed internet connection to avoid lagging streaming. Tip to solve lagging: try to wait for loading, press "A" button to pause and press replay.
The videos have age restriction is not allowed to play.
Hope you enjoy your favorite videos in Dancing Beat!