Hop Step Sing! 『Happy People』 (PC)

【VR idol group Hop Step Sing!'s 6th VR music video - Happy People, a challenge of the interactive music videos for the next generation】

Hop Step Sing!'s long awaited VR music video after a year and a half is finally released! It is the ultimate interactive entertainment where you can change the idols’ hairstyles, have photo shooting for them, enjoy their songs while supporting their VR performances. Try to touch the hidden interaction items and you will have chance to interact with the idols!? At the end, you can get an autograph on the photo of your favorite character! In addition to Japanese, there are also Chinese and English interfaces and subtitles, as well as a karaoke function (Roman alphabet).
This is the ultimate form of idol entertainment and the culmination of five years of work by the VR production team of Hop Step Sing! Hope you enjoy it!

????【Happy People Full-Length Promotion Video: Aim for 1 Million Views!】
You can have a glance into the full-length promotional video (PV) for free! Let’s enjoy the idols’s performance with the best angle!
As you may know, 2021 is the 5th anniversary of Hop Step Sing! and in order to deliver the new song to as many people as possible, we're giving away a special 5th anniversary gift whenever the targeted numbers of views are reached, with highest target 1 Million views! For more information, please visit the following!
◆Happy People PV on YouTube:

◆Official website

【Cast and Staff】
Nijikawa Niina (CV: Maria Sashide)
Shiishiba Riri (CV: Toribe Mariko)
Mikasa Minowa (CV: Natsumi Hioka)

Lyrics:Ira Yuki 
Sound Producer:Yohei Kisara(Stray Cats)
Recording Engineer:Chinami Kamiya
Mix Engineer:Hironobu Asano(Sound Splash Studio)
All Instruments & Programming: PandaBoY
Planning & Production: Kodansha VR Lab
Production/Copyright: Kodansha

【About Hop Step Sing!】
A coming-of-age success story of three girls who aim to reach the pinnacle of the idol world using VR technology. Since 2017, they have been active in various media, including the release of a total of 5 VR music videos, Nico Nico Live Stream program 《Hop Nama》, and series of comics. In 2020, VR Live 《Hop☆Summer》 for the whole world and more than 20,000 fans enjoyed the show.

@Kodansha 2021





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