MVP Football - The Patrick Mahomes Experience (Quest)

Play as superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes, and feel like a true MVP, as you play high school, college and pro football games. Call the plays, throw super charged passes, and stiff arm oncoming defenders in slow motion in this high adrenaline VR football game.

• Realistic motion controls for throwing the ball to wide receivers, shovel passing to your running back, stiff arming oncoming defenders, calling time-outs and more.
• The intense, arcade style action will have you throwing combustible footballs, electrifying your receivers, and dodging in slow motion.
• Choose from practice, high school, college, and pro modes.
• Review the playbook, craft custom plays, and call the audibles between plays.
• Global leaderboards so you can compete with your friends.
• Play however best suits you, whether you are standing or sitting.




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