Surgical Robot Simulator (PC)

A real surgical robot simulation game, observe human organs from the inside of the abdominal cavity, and use various instruments to grasp, cut and clip the organs freely to complete the real operation. Be careful not to bleed. Challenge to complete all levels from simple to difficult.

Joshua is a medical student, but he doesn't study hard and fiddles with some strange things all day.
After graduation, he has been studying a surgical machine from the perspective of the interior of the abdominal cavity.

The machine consists of one camera and two hand controllers. After wearing VR glasses, the operator can remotely control the camera to move in the abdominal cavity and clearly observe the situation in the abdominal cavity.

At the same time, the operator can use two VR handles to remotely control the surgical instruments of the machine to perform various operations such as cutting and grasping of organs

Today, he is finally going to officially use his machine. But wait,,,,emm....there seems to be a little problem with the machine. Especially its artificial mental retardation system. Often give incomplete tips.

Besides, the information system is not perfect. But, whatever, let's start!





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Septiembre 30, 2021

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