John has not been the same since he returned from his last mission overseas. Haunted
by the echoes of his traumatic experiences, his former life has been completely robbed
from him. Although he has learned to repress these memories within his mind, they
are continuously proving to be more and more difficult to restrain. Despite his will to
fight it off, this internal struggle has impacted the most important relationships in
his life: the ones with his wife and son, whom are unaware of the source of his
The audience will delve inside his memories, transported to the core of the emotional
rift he experienced during a more chaotic time of war, witnessing first-hand John’s
internal hell and what lies hidden under the surface of his stoic façade. A life-ordeath situation requiring split second decisions leads to an irreversible mistake, and
the burden of guilt gradually becomes something too heavy to carry and impossible to
ignore, causing his world to crumble.
When John returns to reality, he will find himself at his breaking point, needing to
face his most difficult challenge yet: choosing to unveil the source of his hurt to a
loved one, or continuing to endure his suffering alone. Will John choose to withstand
till he truly breaks, or will he free himself by sharing the burden he forces himself to
carry alone?





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