Arcade Legend (PC)

Congratulations! You Own an Arcade!It’s run down, sure, but it has a lot of potential. In order to rebuild this magnificent venue to its former glory, you'll need to do some cleaning and decorating. Customize the look and feel of your arcade using a multitude of materials.

Rebuild your arcade and grow your businessPerform tasks and complete objectives to improve your arcade, earn revenue and build up Reputation. Attract customers in the form of NPCs and unlock expansive areas containing additional anchor attractions like bowling, axe-throwing and more!

Casual Play or Head-to-Head competitionCompete against friends and other players on local and global leaderboards or play on your own against NPC customers. Win tickets that can be traded in at the redemption counter for avatar accessories or fun novelties and prizes.

A Hive of ActivityOpen your arcade up to the public and allow people from around the globe visit your venue, or just keep it casual and invite friends to your arcade to play side-by-side in friendly multiplayer games and activities.


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