Neverboard (Quest)

Hang out and play board games in a whole new way! Filled with a growing list of easy to pick up 2-4 player games and delightful interactions, there is something for everyone to discover.

• Play games from our library—no set up, clean up, or explaining rules!
• Talk, eat pizza, toss cards, roll dice, and move your pawn to victory!
• Easy to host up to 3 of your friends, never will you have to play alone again!

Neverboard is free to play with regular updates that add new games, features, and content. Download includes Crazy 8s FREE. You can practice any game in the library--no purchase required or stock up on purchasable games to host your next game night with friends! Additional content costs in-game currency which is available free each day and to purchase in the in-game store.

Still have questions? FAQs, how-tos, and more are available on our website or by joining the Neverboard Player's Club on Discord.


Evernever Games


Evernever Games