A Little Planet Playground (Quest) (APP LAB)

# This is a multiplayer game, so to make sure you have a good multiplayer experience, we suggest you to join our Discord:discord.gg/9CTC9Bn7Zf

A Little Planet is a Japanese style social game. You can explore beautiful scenes, play multiplayer games, make friends. You will be able to build up your own planet in the future.

- Japanese Style Aesthetics: If you like watching anime or manga, you definitely don't want to miss this game!
- Party Games: If you are grown up with Mario Party, you might also like the fun and chaos in all the mini games here with a group of fun people laughing together
- Multiplayer and More: Of course, this is a multiplayer game, besides the party games, you will also play multiplayer board or chess-like games
- Chat with People: Hang out and chat with people in beautiful scenes, or chat around a tea table on fun topics
- Customize Your Look: There are different avatars with multiple hair styles, eyes, costumes, you must like them!