Color Connect (PC)

Color Connect - Lose yourself in space with over 50+ challenging puzzles, putting your gray matter to the test - Sit, Solve and Space Out!

Sit - Zero gravity and adaptive controls bring the puzzles to you. Kick back after a long day on your couch or dive right in for a 360 degree puzzle solving experience.

Solve - You’ll be puzzling for hours with over 50 thoughtfully constructed levels. Logically connect all the colored nodes to progress and earn stars as you go.

Space Out - Atop your very own platform surrounded by satellites and stars, the stunning visuals combined with our carefully selected soundtrack will transport you to another galaxy.

For the best audio experience we suggest using headphones

How to play - Connect all ends of the colored nodes, strategically choosing your path with the fewest moves possible. There can be no overlapping of paths and every node must be used to successfully complete the puzzles. It's simple to learn but challenging to master!


Sandford Tech


Sandford Tech



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Color Connect (Quest) (APP LAB)

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Septiembre 9, 2021

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