MyHoriZen (PC)

MyHoriZen is an experience for you.
MyHoriZen is an early access experience that is meant to aid in meditative practice. While it is still early access it already allows for customization of ambient music and environmental sounds, changing lighting conditions, and objects in the environment.

Implemented Features:
- Each location allows for the user to save their preferred settings for the sky, audio, and starting location.
- Each location allows the user to save objects to the environment that persist for the user each time they load in that location.
- Secrets that can be found in the various locations
- Over 30 musical pieces to aid in your meditation.
- 9 different locations.

Future updates will include:
- More locations, objects, and music
- Customizable objects
- Location specific settings
- Tools for easily adding your own music, locations, objects, and skyboxes
- Tools to easily export your settings to share your curated experience with friends.
- Expanded accessibility options


Distant Star Studios LLC



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Septiembre 15, 2021

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