Agent Simulation Demo (Quest) (APP LAB)

Agent Simulation is an action, simulation, and strategy game in which each player shows their targeting skills and agility against enemies in a virtual environment. At the end of each mission, you will collect medals and earn various certificates with these medals. At the end of the game, these certificates will prove your strength as an agent and help you to receive your agent license.
In each level of the ‘Agent Simulation’, you will be evaluated according to your targeting skills. Before the limited time provided ends, you must kill all your enemies. Every successful head shot will get you more points! Sometimes you will be asked to complete the missions in such a limited time, you have to be fast and agile!
There will be three options offered in each level and those options will constantly change! For example, double bullets, double damage, slowing time down, blocking bullets or extra life, etc. You can strategize using any of these options!
Fight to be the best!


Studio Gamebit


Studio Gamebit