Strum, strike, and jam away! Liven up your VR gig!

A new KONAMI music game is coming to Oculus Quest!
Perform on stage in a band as a pianist, a guitarist, a bassist or a drummer, all in VR!
* The target age of BEAT ARENA is 13 years and older.

Includes tons of beloved KONAMI arcade tracks, as well all new original tunes.
Perform your favorite songs from the BEMANI series in VR!

You can even create your own custom avatar. Grab your friends' play data and enjoy a VR jam session together!

Includes score ranking features. Aim for the highest score and find out who's the best performer amongst your friends!

* BEAT ARENA is available for customers residing in the following countries / regions.
(Japan, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Republic of Indonesia, Kingdom of Thailand, Republic of Singapore, Republic of the Philippines, Malaysia)