Rainbow Reactor: Fusion (PC)

Clock in to the Rainbow Reactor, a fast-moving VR adventure that fuses story-driven exploration with frantic color-matching gameplay. Explore a sprawling, forgotten factory that produced the cleanest energy around (probably...) Once operated by the eccentric Alfred Luzian von Hoffenhasselbrock, the Reactor is filled with clues, secrets and grumpy robots! Can you clean up this mess, solve the mystery of Alfred's disappearance and bring the color back to the Rainbow Reactor?


:: Solve the mystery in story mode - Explore the Rainbow Reactor and solve wide range of puzzles as you gather more and more strange tools from the factory floor. Beat the top score in fast-paced color-matching style gameplay to power the machinery, bring the lights back on, and learn the truth of the factory's downfall!
:: Get to work in arcade mode - Challenge yourself to nine rounds of non-stop color-matching gameplay as the difficulty rises, and overcome the hazards and dangers hiding on the factory floor!
:: Turn down the pressure in single shift mode - Practice and perfect your skills in a customisable game.
:: Take on your friends in party mode - Designed for localized play, who can top your own personal scoreboard and become the Rainbow Reactor's best employee?

:: Steam Achievements

:: Online Leaderboards

:: Colorblind Mode with a modified color palette that works for most types of color vision impairment




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Rainbow Reactor: Fusion (Quest)

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