Dream Tango - Beta (Quest) (APP LAB)

Dream Tango is an original story-driven action adventure puzzler (hybrid puzzle solving with combat mechanics) taking place in the most fascinating of the fabled places: the Dream Realm!

The Dream Jewel has been broken. You play as Dream Agent Torii, who is tasked with the mission to recover its shards and restore the precious item before the Cosmos falls apart. But there is a catch. You are not the only one who is after the shards... and you are running out of time!

Venture into a riveting fantasy world on your quest to restore the broken Dream Jewel. Set your base at your Dream Center and from there navigate various dreams through mystical portals. Discover fascinating secrets and tackle intriguing puzzles that defy conventional logic! Wield whimsical powers like the Astral Burst, defend yourself against spectral enemies and unfold Dream Tango’s astounding lore!

Please note! The beta edition includes the introduction to the game and the first dream.


Uncloudy & Co


Uncloudy & Co