Playing VR with Girl Friend (Quest) (APP LAB)

Enjoy the conversation with your girl friend!
This is a strategy game.
Place the units in the map using your hand.
Destory the enemy's Base to win!
Defeat the enemies before they destroy your Base.

[How to Play]
Use your hand or a controller to play!
Press the button, pick up the units and release them in the map!
The left and right sticks allow you to move the user's position slightly.

[Type of Units]
This is the Base.
Build your Base stronger!!

A common flying unit.
Ground & Air Attack.

A factory unit.
It generates cash.

A flying unit skilled for
bombing and ground attack.

An anti-ground unit.
Attacks with rapid fire.

-Anti-aircraft Artillery
A placement unit using missles.
Effective to flying units.

A placement unit for defense.
It has high durability.