Wood Brothers Flying Colours (PC)

Flying Colours is a multiplayer arena-based PVP flight combat simulator for VR. Take to the skies in the iconic Sopwith Camel or Fokker Triplane and do battle around a fictional island group. Use your flying skills, teamwork and combat strategy to rule the skies and dominate the opposition.

The game features an exclusive highly realistic flight engine with aerodynamic modelling and damage system that changes how the aircraft is controlled with every hit. Controlled with an Xbox, or compatible dual analogue controller, you will achieve real-life manoeuvres, stunts and soon master taxying, take-off and even landing a vintage taildragger aircraft.

Fuel strategy can be the difference between air superiority and finding yourself on the back foot. Take off quickly, with less fuel but a lighter and better performing aeroplane for quick sorties, or fuel for longer, suffer a performance decrease due to the weight but stay aloft for longer patrols. Land anywhere "off-piste" and receive a jerrycan of fuel to get you safely home, or just to continue ruling the skies for a little longer.

Flying Colours brings you exhilarating combat, smoke-trail filled skies, chaotic battles, hilarious in-flight mishaps, and a taste of real vintage air combat in two of the most recognisable fighter aircraft of the early twentieth century.

Why did we make this game?

Remember when we were young, you might have played with toy aeroplanes and models. Back then our bedrooms became the scenery as we re-enacted daring air battles and the amazing feats from those air aces. Flying Colours is the game that was made to bring back those memories. There are few rules, just a flight playground for you and your Steam friends to enjoy. Fancy 7 vs 1? Go for it! Want to challenge each other to perform crazy stunts and explore the limitations of your aircraft? Absolutely!

We made the game we wanted to play. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.







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