Rocket Explorer (PC)

Rocket Explorer is a rocket viewing experienceView the rockets of the world with your own eyes. Also in Virtual Reality!
Launch rockets, compare them side by side and take them apart.

Browse through 40+ detailed, real-scale rockets in multiple environments: The Rocket Viewer, on the launch pad, and in the “Rocket Hangar”.
Launch rockets from a realistic virtual environment, and view them from locations that are off-limits in real life.
Explore rockets in different aspects by viewing configurations and comparing them to each other.
Get up close to rockets, in ways that are only possible like this.
Take the rockets apart, view all the individual stages, and try the “exploded” view! It is totally safe, I promise.
Do it all in Virtual Reality with the VR version of Rocket Explorer!

The development of Rocket Explorer is made possible by my fantastic, lovely Patrons.
A special thanks to the producers of Rocket Explorer:
Tim Dodd, NielsNB, Felix Schlang, Andy Law, Marcus House, TJ Cooney, Tom Gerrard, Allan Melsen, MoonDustLisa, Western Mass Pinball Club, and Ben Pollock-Hay!


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Stanley Creative



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Agosto 21, 2021

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