VR Pianist (PC)

Have you ever wanted to be a piano player? Would you like to learn new songs and test your reflexes? VR Pianist is a VR music game which lets you play on a virtual piano with your own hands or VR controllers. Follow visual instructions, become a pianist in the black & white world and colour it with your music! Play the best you can, get the highest score, the biggest audience and the most colourful surroundings. Enjoy different music genres or improvise - it's up to you!FeaturesInteractive virtual keyboard with dynamics control
Unique instruction system of "circles"
Original black & white graphic style
21 songs of various genres (contemporary, classical, orchestral)
3 difficulty levelsWho is this game forWhen playing this game, you don’t need to be a piano player in real life. Musical hearing is certainly good but not necessary. Big plus for you are fast hands and a portion of patience. This game is also great for piano players – but you shouldn’t imagine that it will be exactly the same as a real piano. The main goal of the game is to be colourful musical fun.Sitting/standing gameYou can sit or stand during the game, you don’t need to walk at all. You will only need a small space for playing and you don’t need to worry about motion sickness. You don’t need to have a piano at home, you can play on a normal table or simply in the air.Play with your fingers or controllersFor finger tracking you can use Leap Motion controller device or you can use VR controllers.Supported headsetsHTC Vive, Vive Pro, Valve Index, Oculus Rift, Windows Mixed RealityAbout creatorThis game is created by a game developer/student Tereza Preislerová, who loves combining art with technical skills. She has worked on this game for more than three years before an early access release. With the help of an amazing 3D artist and talented contemporary composers, this game offers you a new world of beautiful music and colourful fun.


Tereza Preislerová



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Agosto 18, 2021

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