Hockey VR (Quest) (APP LAB)

The most realistic and advanced physics-based hockey simulation available!
- Advanced virtual reality puck and stick physics using Unreal Engine
- Multiple control layouts available, Use both Touch controllers for more realistic puck handling
- 2 Game Types: Shoot from either 4 or 5 different ice locations and Choose between Timed or Shot Count modes
- 3 different environments: Small Town Hockey Arena, Mountain Ice Rink, Forest Night Rink
- 2 Game modes: Shoot against Targets or Face-to-Face against an AI Goalie that watches your every move!
- Choose from Left or Right-handed sticks with curve
- Shot Assist mode to help you hone your skills
- Local Leaderboard; Play against friends for bragging rights
- Play using your real hockey stick! Upgrade your game and visit to purchase a controller mount that will connect your controller to your real hockey stick


Melcher Studios


Melcher Studios