VekWars (Quest) (APP LAB)

Sometime in the mid-1980s development began on a technology that, had it gone to market, would have changed video gaming as we know it. A complete virtual-reality system meant for arcades, utilizing twin head-mounted vector monitors of the type used in many classic games of the time.

Sadly, funding for the project dried up before it reached completion, and the first game for the system - VekWars - never saw the light of day, continuing to exist only in rumor and a handful of blurry photographs from the period.

But now a team of digital archaeologists based in Austin, Texas have successfully extracted the source code for this game from a dusty 8-inch floppy disk provided by an anonymous benefactor. We are pleased to present VekWars - fully updated to support modern virtual-reality systems (or non-VR monitors) and playable for the first time in over 35 years!