Potato Party: Hash It Out (Quest) (APP LAB)

Welcome, friends, to POTATOPIA — where you can finally paint your mashterpiece.

In this quick-draw multiplayer game, it's YOU (the VR potato) against YOUR FRIENDS (iOS and Android potatoes), as they race to be the first to guess what you're drawing in three dimensions.

Up to 8 players can join using the free mobile app on iOS and Android. Watch the VR potato draw on your device or on a stream, input custom prompts, make your guesses, and use special powers to foil your fellow future french fries!

As the VR potato, choose your medium — 3D shapes, air-painting, or canvas drawing — to dazzle your fellow spuds with your artistic prowess.

Draw your worst, guess your best — just don't eat the artist. Please.


Fanaticus XR


Fanaticus XR