Escape Room VR: Vaudeville (PC)

A virtual-reality escape room for the Oculus Rift, Rift S, Valve Index, HTC Vive, HP Reverb, and other OpenVR compatible headsets.
This game is a casual, VR experience filled with puzzles, music, and fun for ages 10-100. Try to collect the puzzle pieces hidden throughout this vaudeville-themed mansion. Go at your own pace through five different rooms, finding secrets and solving puzzles as you go.

This game is single-player and has one difficulty level for all ages. The average time to complete is 30-90 minutes.
This is very similar to a real-world escape room; it's a one-time adventure, so treat this game more like a movie-ticket.

If you get stuck, use the "View the Manual" link on this page to download a .pdf file containing hints and solutions to sections of the game. To avoid spoilers, the hints are separated by page breaks so you can receive progressive disclosure as needed.

Note: This game supports closed-captions for the hearing impaired or deaf audience. You can enable or disable within the adventure using the in-game menu.


Casual indie


OC Software Solutions



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Julio 8, 2021

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