Sweet Surrender (PC)

Sweet Surrender is a roguelite shooter set in a dystopian megatower where you must adapt to a ruthless, fast-paced action-packed environment.

Use explosives, melee weapons, guns and upgrades to take down the machines hunting you as you fight your way to the summit through procedurally-generated levels. There are not many humans left, so make your effort count.Modern Arcade Roguelite meets Virtual Reality

Agile Combat - Use an array of weapons, tools and explosives to dispatch enemy forces. Blast through walls to uncover secrets, aim for weak points and adapt to the behaviour of your enemy. Zipline across lava, grapple hook through corridors as you gun down machine security forces.

Upgrades and Enhancements - Discover upgrade chips that can heighten your abilities. Gain EMP effects on your weapons, increase your strength and speed, siphon energy from your enemies. Upgrade your climbing skills to reach previously hidden areas. Become a ruthless machine-human hybrid as you progress onwards and upwards.

Learn and Adapt - A fresh challenge with each playthrough, encounter new variations of levels that introduce different threats and opportunities. Find secrets hidden away, reveal notes from the past. Encounter monstrous enemies that weren't there the last time you visited.

Unlockables and Progression - Achieve new milestones the further you advance. Unlock new starting builds and cosmetics for weapons and equipment, catalog memories from those who came before you. Discover new weapon effects and combine upgrades to become an ever more ruthless rogue human combatant.


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Salmi Games


Salmi Games


Steam Oculus

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Sweet Surrender (Quest)


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Septiembre 30, 2021

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