SAIL (Quest) (APP LAB)

Ready to set sail?
Current version of SAIL allows you explore islands, sail a ship and look for loot, fight skeletons, find lost treasure and climb monolithic cliffs. It's VR so feel free to walk around the deck, fire the cannon and adjust the sails. You will also find weapons hidden around the map, if you're having a hard time finding them try breaking those crates you see lying around.

The map keeps expanding and currently there are 4 areas to explore.

Shipwreck Cove
Fool's Paradise
Monolith Cliffs
Isla Fortuna

SAIL is the start of a VR universe G119 (developer) has wanted to make for years. The game is in PRE-ALPHA and is not much yet but there are big plans and an awesome community backing the project. So download the game and join us on the journey. As for specific features here are a few things in the works for SAIL:


Online Multiplayer

Treasure hunts

Enemy ships, pirates, forts, etc.

Money system

Player cosmetics

Ship cosmetics




Garett Cook