Tarzan VR (Quest)

Become Lord of the Jungle!

Tarzan VR™ transports players deep into 3 unique and fantastical jungle worlds teeming with action and excitement! Swing, swim, climb and fight your way through dangerous predators and challenges — experienced through a serialized comic-style adventure. You get all 3 game episodes together in this release!

Embrace your inner ape ;) and bring the world’s most legendary action hero to life!

Issue 1 – “The Great Ape”: Jane has been abducted by a group of invaders and Tarzan must seek the wisdom of The Great Ape in order to find the trail of her captors. Features The Mighty Axe.

Issue 2 – “The Jagged Edge”: Tarzan begins his pursuit of Jane’s captors and must make his way across dangerous cliffs where one misstep leads to certain doom. Features the Slingshot.

Issue 3 – “The Dead of Night”: The jungle swamp poses all manner of hidden dangers. Only the secret found in The Valley of Forever can save the life of Tarzan’s true love. Features The Long Bow!


Fun Train


Jungle Games, LLC



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TARZAN VR (PlayStation 4)