MageCosmos (Quest) (APP LAB)

MageCosmos: More Than Immersion

MageCosmos is a virtual multiverse that integrates free exploration, social games, and episodic interactive story learning modules to truly connect users. We want to redefine how we connect with people, how we interact with the world, and how we access information and knowledge, making everything more three-dimensional, vivid and dynamic. In this update, you'll be able to explore the MageCosmos and gain new knowledge. We're looking forward to seeing you leave your footprints here. Come on, the first explorers of the virtual universe!

MageCosmos is designed based on 6DOF interaction mode, combined with real-time speech recognition, adaptive learning difficulty and other technologies, to bring you interesting and natural experience. You can:

- Follow the story and explore multiple locations
- Learn about the "English afternoon tea"
- Meet and communicate with multiple virtual partners
- Leave your own unique mark on the virtual world

Come and join us!


Haopeng Yang


Haopeng Yang