GIRL.EXE is a multiplayer co-op first person horror game. You and your friends (or only you) are trying to go through the mysterious dungeon with various types of rooms, monsters, challenges to find the secret of an unknown girl.STORYYou and your friends decided to find a girl on the Internet. Unfortunately, something went wrong. The virus has entered your computer. You decided to figure it out yourself, instead of calling the master.
Unfortunately, the virus deceived you and you trap in an unknown world with a girl is chasing you. Can you get out?HORRORYou have to go through many rooms. One wrong action and you are doomed to stay here forever. Dozens of traps await the naive player.CRAZY GIRLYou meet a girl in the dungeons. At first she is sweet and calm, and then... she is going to punish you properlyFEATURES: ◆ Multiplayer Co-op with your friends
◆ Fascinating story
◆ Tons of different puzzles and challenges
◆ A lot of scary moments
◆ Hot girlfriend (be careful)


Aventura indie




Dymchick1 KHB-Soft