embodied ontopolologies (PC)

Personal identity is always coming-into-being, it is the narrative of psychological continuity. Virtual Reality affords new forms of being through embodiment in digital contexts. By looping embodiment back on itself within a digital context, can we complicate the narrative of psychological continuity by fracturing the self into a network of embodied others existing in simultaneous space? Are there new forms of relationship to our own continuity as [dis]continuity?

This work records the user's embodiment--translational data and actions-- and plays this data back in a looping sequence as an “other” avatar in the virtual space. Each minute, another other populates the space performing the actions of the previous minute. Intentionally or accidentally, past selves overlap and intersect with the current moment, self, and with the others. The environment is an amalgamation of my living room and office, captured with photogrammetry. In the center of the room is a moss covered sandstone from the Red River Gorge in Kentucky, captured through photogrammetry. The embodiment of the self and others drives the computational effects of the environment.





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Junio 15, 2021

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