All Her Bodies (PC)

All Her Bodies, an experimental VR experience, uses volumetric video and gaze interaction to immerse you in the stories of five women recounting intimate and powerful memories of violence.

The women are diverse in age and ethnicity underscoring that these moments can be experienced and told by anyone.
Descriptions of vulnerability and empowerment are woven into five unique poetic narratives while collectively referencing issues that have impacted women over time and today.

In the introduction, five women surround you and speak a poem together, acclimating you to the space and language. You select one of the women through your gaze. A drawing fills her form, and when completed, takes you to her story. Fragments of written text float into the environment. Writing and mark-making are suggested; as if you are inside the physical manifestation of each memory being written.

My intention is to mess up technology by applying smudges and the dusty textures of the hand-made in this space. Drawing/writing and erasure are used as metaphor for visibility and invisibility - voice and silence.

Soundscapes and line drawings suggest places, conditions and situations but remain minimal so that the emphasis is on the stories.


Elizabeth Leister



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Junio 15, 2021

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