FlightFitVR (PC)

DragonFitVR will make you forget the toughness of squatting, and muscle strengthening is expectable.
ChairAbs will make you train your abs by raising your feet on the chair. It also requires you to concentrate dodging the crystals and going through the gaps of the spinning disk. you can only hit three obstacles before failing, and your score will be shown by meters you have traveled.
In PlankInHeight, you can set how long the trapdoor will be open, and how long you will be in plank posture. In this exercise, you can see through the platform you are on, allowing you to view the ocean below.

I aimed this project to be rather relaxing, so I beared in mind to use calm music, calm exercise and relaxing view. This project does is not limited by age, so I would love to share this with all of you!


Angeco Studios


森谷 安寿



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Junio 10, 2021

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