Empower (PC)

Empower is a physics based VR PC arena sandbox in which you can fight with firearms and melee weapons against or with AI and other players in different modes. All of this takes place in a partially zero gravity arena where you have full control. You can switch between PC and VR mode at any time without restarting the game.

You have the possibility to change almost everything during the round without having to create a new lobby. Be it the mode itself, or the number of AIs or how many players and spectators are allowed to join and more.

The arena also offers training opportunities as there is a complex AI that can block shots and swords, evade dangerous attacks and act tactically.

Of course, you also have the ability to block projectiles or enemy weapons because everything is based on physics.
This opens up a new world for physics-based sword fighting against real players.







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Junio 1, 2021

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