Lyte Demo (Quest) (APP LAB)

A good life is filled with learning, exploring, and experiencing the world around us.

Lyte is a peaceful, exploratory game demo that rewards listening, looking, and thinking. Lyte encourages players to shine a light on an otherwise dark world and slowly discover surprises as the story unfolds.

Gameplay within Lyte revolves around an engrossing and shifting world that is devoid of light. Players can spawn glowing orbs in their hands to throw and illuminate the Lyte world. Each orb will bounce and roll through the environment, exposing delightful surprises, clues, and puzzles. Each puzzle must be completed to progress to the next level. And along the way players will discover new ways to interact with and change the scene by introducing light, triggering actions, and using physics to move forward.

This easygoing and intuitive game demo will appeal to all levels of gamers.


Next Stop Willoughby Inc.