Memory Illusions (PC)

About the game:Memory Illusions is a single player VR looter shooter featuring realistic weapons, upgrades, attachments, randomize options, and player progression in fast paced action environments.

Most of all Memory Illusions is about gun play and choice. Where you play and how you play will be defined by you. Currently our weapons have realistic weapons actions including realistic reloading, spread, recoil, bullet penetration and fire rate. As we go through Early Access we attempt to add arcade weapons functionality like quick reloads and simplified reloading for those who don't want to play with realistic weapons actions.LevelsYou can choose between levels; a kill house, mini boss level and wave shooters.

As we progress, in Early Access, we want to build towards our defined "objective" based levels, but for now we have included samples of a couple of these level areas as wave levels (without objectives) and a mini boss level to show off the areas, mechanics, systems, AI, interactions and the gun play.Firing RangesHead over to one of the firing ranges to learn each weapon with different target types.SandboxPlay in our dev test sandbox with a variety of features that may or may not be in each level.Key FeaturesRealistic weapons setup, firing, and reloading.
Sitting, Standing, Room Scale VR, free movement and snap turningWarnings:Strobe effects and loud Audio effects are in use throughout this title. Muzzle flashes, flash lights, flash bangs and more can cause flashing and strobing lights in many of our levels. If you are sensitive to these affects you should not play this title.
Designed for higher end machines so we can push the graphics and overall look of Memory Illusions. There are several different options to reduce the quality. We start the game on a medium setting. If you have the hardware turn it up!
Designed for VR headsets with newer controllers (Rift S, Quest 2 (WIFI/Link Cable), Index). While the vive wand is supported you won’t have all of the same functionality due to the limited inputs.
Not currently testing on WMR headsets and so we don't currently list it as supported.
No teleportation
There are some situations that can make some players very motion sick. We have included several options you can affect to try and alleviate this such as tunneling and speed reductions.
This is an always online title as we are working towards a friends only co-op multiplayer option we only want to design, develop and maintain one set of instructions for the player.


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