Let’s fast forward to the year 2050. In a barren world that’s heading straight for the ecological disaster scientists have been warning us about for decades, Pollinator Park provides a safe haven for pollinating insects and an urgent wake-up call for its virtual visitors. Because, there simply is no future for mankind in a future without pollinators.

Pollinator Park is a crossover between a zoo, theme park, an interactive museum and an immersive crystal ball. As a park visitor, try your hand at hand pollination, interact with pollinators in a way you never could in the real world, go grocery shopping in a pollinator-deprived world and be amazed by nature’s beauty and perfection.

Your tour guide is the fictional character Dr. Beatrice Kukac, founding mother of Pollinator Park. Gradually unraveling the personal story behind her efforts to restore the balance between nature and mankind, she walks you through the dystopian virtual world, hoping to change your perspective.


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