CYBRID is the action-rhythm VR of the Cyber Future! Swords and Pistols are in your hands. Slash and Shoot! Don't let this stop you! Cinematic and lively levels, as well as Slow Motion! You are the one who must confront a large number of cyborgs. Run, dodge and jump among the neon lights of the night city to a powerful soundtrack! Get lots of positive and adrenaline rush!

Run. Jumping. Evasion. Fight off bullets with your sword. Switch between sword and pistol and blades.Feature
The main thing is to follow the rhythm, it is the main thing, the success of the passed level depends on it. Left and right sword or blade cuts its color, be careful!At your disposal are different types of weapons, swords, blades and pistols! and...Use different modifications such as: hints, time acceleration, no errorsChoose a color scheme of levels, weapons and enemies that suits your tasteDynamic and vertical gameplay will not let you get boredAlso in the game there are 3 additional levels with infinite time and self-generation




Tom Reason



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Noviembre 19, 2021

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