INVOIDERS Galactic Defender (PC)

Year 4527, humanity conquered the stars.
The science allowed us to exploit the mysterious black matter also known as the VOID. Thanks to this energy, man developed inter-dimensional portals, weapons, spaceships, holocoms, even vacuums !
Unfortunately this energy overexploited by our industry shows signs of instability lately. The portals seem to operate on their own without request. Shadows are coming out the VOID…
The Invoiders.

You are an intergalactic prisoner sent to the front line on the battlefield to push them back.
Let’s say that it’s your way of paying off your debt.
Good luck…
Grab your weapons and defend the colonies from the invoiders.
Buy Turrets and upgrade them ! Show your skills with different type of weapons !
It's your strategy against the invoiders.
Can you defeat all them ?


Aiko Creative Vision



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Mayo 13, 2021

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