Alienation (Quest) (APP LAB)

Alienation, is an action-packed shooting game combined with sci-fi storytelling inspired by classic sci-fi action movies such as The Matrix, Equilibrium, and Ghost in the Shell. Alienation, puts you in the center of adrenaline rushed cinematic experiences. Each level comes with a different story, music-based gameplay, and a unique design to deliver a synchronized experience.
- Go all in! Play all episodes back to back without interruptions!
- Different play modes for different skills! Play harder and put yourself higher on the world leaderboard!
- Find your very own style in shooting aliens and dodging the bullets! Flow with the rhythm in a music based arcade adventure!
- Hardcore music! Hard rock, Industrial Electronics and of course Metal!
- Go after achievements! Finish each episode to Unlock new achievements and new episodes!


51 Aliens LLC


51 Aliens



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Alienation (PC)