Argil (PC)

Inspired by real sculpting, Argil is an intuitive VR space that enables quick and effective creation of organic 3D objects, in a peaceful and meditative environment. It offers various easy-to-use tools that feel like manipulating real clay in your own hands. Create seamlessly and quickly anything you want, be it your avatar, a model for 3D printing, a garment, or accessories.

Designed for a wide range of users, from beginners to professionals alike. This is a perfect tool to learn 3D thinking and realistic sculpting.

Possibilities include exporting OBJ for 3D-printing, importing other 3D models and manipulating them.
The sculpting tools include: push, pull, carve, smooth, add different frequency noise, add/remove resolution. Other features include: save/load, change and load texture, add different objects (cube, cuboid, sphere, sheet) to the scene, change environment.

Join our Discord channel to engage in a direct conversation with Argil developers, fellow-users, share artwork, share tutorials and hacks, suggest features, report bugs and more!


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