Directive Nine Early Access (Quest) (APP LAB)

Directive Nine is a VR FPS Roguelite in a sci fi setting

"How is the Galactic Federation ever going to expand with these pesky settlers in the Outer Reaches?
Agent, get out there and deal with it for us. Yes, deal with it. You know what I mean.... You know.... It's....I'm talking about destroying them....Like, dead dead."

* Roguelite with great replay value.
* Choose your loadout.
* Battle through space stations and see gorgeous space vistas.
* Outplay your enemies with your tactical awareness and superior loadout.
* Face increasingly more challenging enemies.
* Expand your arsenal of weapons and tech gadgets.
* Modify your weapons to suit your play style.
* Arsenal unlocks carry over into your next play through after you die.


Rooftop Panda


Rooftop Panda