Unstung (Quest) (APP LAB)

Command a swarm of cute bees as they grow & defend flowers against an army of hungry bugs.
You control the Queen, buzzing near bees to select them, drawing zig-zag lines through the air for the bees to follow. Help the meadow bloom by bringing pollen to flowers, making new bees, and always - protecting the hive from the evil, nosy Lord Mothmer and his bug minions!

Unstung will make you feel like a really busy queen bee! You'll be buzzing and zigging all around the meadow to keep your little bees working. There are many ways to play - you could collect a huge swarm of hundreds of bees, and zoom around eliminating bugs - or you could set up a busy network of pollination to keep your flowers in tip-top shape!

Well, what are you waiting for - the bees need you!


Neomajika Games


Neomajika Games