Cry of Athena VR Battle Simulator (PC)

Pandora's Box has been opened once more and entities from across realms and time have entered the world! What will you choose to do as a god? As a mere mortal?

Cry of Athena is sandbox battle simulator for VR where you can play god, place units, watch them fight, intervene with god powers as a divine entity or even join in the battle yourself as a mortal on the battlefield. It features nuanced AI behaviors as well as a range of methods for combat and destruction.

Features: Create your own battles!
Fight on the battlefield as a mortal, play as a god, or simply spectate the battle - the choice is yours!
A variety of AI types to create your battles including the minotaur, siege weapons, modern soldiers, and more.
Command your army down to the individual level to follow, charge, or let them act on their own accord!
Choose from a large arsenal of weapons and combat mechanics - fight with sword or bow, guns or cannons, or even as a massive all-mighty god.
Destructible environments as well as responsive environment pieces like displaceable water and bendable trees.

Join us at our Discord channel to be part of the official Cry of Athena community, give feedback, participate in testing and follow the latest news about development!

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