Space Slurpies (PC)

Snake, slither, SLURRPP!
How long can you survive in the colorful galaxy of Space Slurpies? In this multiplayer arcade game, control luminescent snakes that grow in length and size. Collect as much food as possible and survive each round without colliding with yourself and other players in fast-pacing battles. The art of collecting food is as satisfying as it is relaxing. But don't forget to watch out for other players – as they might try to cut you off and create traps!

Players each control a snake that follows their hand in 6D space
Whenever their snake eats pieces of food, it grows in length
It also evolves and covers itself in armor as it grows
Survive the longest without colliding with yourself or other players
Competitive players can cut each other off and sabotage to win the game
Avoid the Jazzeroids and other enemy obstacles on your quest to be the longest slurp!

Enjoy over 18 unique and vibrant maps
Cross platform multiplayer, both matchmaking and games with friends
Customize your snake and make uniquely yours


Starcade Arcade LLC


Steam Oculus

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Space Slurpies (Quest) (APP LAB)

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Abril 8, 2021

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