Hop Step Sing! Nozokanaide Naked Heart (HQ Edition) (PC)

This time, your destination is a magic factory where the wounded hearts of the world go to be healed.
As the girls' leader, it's your job to bring a smile back to the world!
Enjoy the song and performance in this VR music video set in a virtual world.
Note: This content is not a game.

About Hop Step Sing!
"I want to sing forever! I'll become an idol!"
Niina Nijikawa, whose practice at Karaoke paid off and she actually became a real idol.
Mikasa Minowa, whose need for adulation means she's continually uploading videos and hosting live streams.
Shikiri Shishiba, who decides the pair needs someone to look after them.

This is the group's fourth single, following their debut, "Kisekiteki Shining!" ("Miraculous Shining!") and their second and third songs; "kiss×kiss×kiss" and "Kimamani☆Summer vacation".

"Nozokanaide (Don't Peep) Naked Heart"
Vocals: Niina Nijikawa, Mikasa Minowa, Shikiri Shiishiba
Character Design: tanu
Lyrics: Aira Yuhki
Composer: Yuki Honda (Arte Refact)
Arranger: Masatomi Waki (Arte Refact)
Music Production: Lantis
Video Production: Kodansha VR Lab

Niina Nijikawa: Maria Sashide
Shikiri Shiishiba: Mariko Toribe
Mikasa Minowa: Natsumi Hioka





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Abril 2, 2021

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