Desktop+ (PC)

Desktop+ is a powerful, yet lightweight tool for SteamVR bringing your desktops and windows into the VR world. No matter if you just need a more reliable desktop view in your dashboard or a complex context-aware multi-overlay setup with custom shortcuts, Desktop+ offers a wide array of tweakable settings to make the overlays fit your needs.Features User interface with real-time adjustments accessible in VR or on desktop
Smooth, low-latency mirroring of desktops and windows
Low memory footprint and performance impact
Support for creating as many overlays as SteamVR allows at once
Customizable overlay settings (width, position, curvature, opacity, cropping), with switchable profiles
3D support (SBS, HSBS, OU, HOU)
Overlay visibility and origin settings: Display a desktop/window during gameplay or attach it to a different origin (play space, dashboard, HMD, controllers, tracker)
Actions: User-definable functions (input simulation, running applications) which can be bound to controller or UI buttons
Keyboard Extension, enabling use of modifier, arrow and function keys from the SteamVR keyboard
Elevated access toggle, making it possible to deal with UAC prompts and other UIP-restricted UI in VR without using full admin-access at all times
Gaze Fade: Fade-out overlay when not looking at it
Window Management: Change window focus depending on overlay/dashboard state or drag overlays when dragging the title bar of a mirrored window
Performance Monitor: View system performance in real time









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