David Slade Mysteries: Case Files (Quest) (APP LAB)

David Slade Mysteries: Case Files is an episodic VR adventure series set in the gritty dark streets of River Side, where David must solve gruesome and mysterious cases. These cases are told over the course of his career as a homicide detective for the RSPD. David must investigate, gather / document evidence to solve these gruesome crimes. Are you up to the task?

- Dark & Mysterious crimes for you to solve.
- Full spoken dialogue.
- Full cinematic sound track by renowned composer Michael Gordon Shapiro.
- Rich & Detailed Environments.
- Use your forensic tools to examine & collect crucial evidence in order to solve the crimes.
- Cinematic cut scenes.
- A Police Quest point & click inspired adventure game, re-imagined for VR.
& much more!

Cases Included:

- Apartment 202
- Memories Of The Past (Coming soon in future update for free!)
- Case to be announced soon (Easter egg in the game to shed some light on this mysterious case!, Can you find it?)

More to come!


Gear Worx Productions